This policy statement is issued and endorsed by the Elected Executive Committee of Daventry Amateur Athletic Club (herein referred to as “the Club”).


Aim of the policy.

The aim of this policy is to create an environment in which both the young athlete (child) and parent alike can feel assured that the Club is providing a safe, wholesome and developmental atmosphere for all participants in the sport of athletics.

As a club we will continue to provide relevant support and advice to every athlete, coach, official, official bearer and helper of the Club, in order to protect them from neglect, exploitation and abuse.

All suspicions and allegations of abuse against young athletes will be acted upon and in conjunction with the various agencies at our disposal.

Key Principles.

  1. Everyone under the age of 18 years is classed as children for the purposes of this policy.
  2. All children whatever their culture, ability, gender, racial origin, religious belief and/or sexual identity have the right to protection from abuse.
  3. All suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly by the President or Child Protection officer of the Club, who will refer the matter directly to the Social Services Department of Daventry District Council.
  4. All Athletic Coaches, Team Managers, Officials, Office Bearers and Helpers who come into active contact with children at the Club may be subject to a routine police vetting check.

Code of Practice.

1.   Prevent and avoid abuse.
2.   Recognise and act if you come across abuse.
3.   Assure parents that their children are safe within the Club activities.
4.   Protect yourself.